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Eight Hours to Live

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Eight Hours to Live

Live Life!

The news hit me hard today. Eight hours to live rang hard in my ears and echoed like an eagles cry in a deep rock canyon. OK! Maybe that was a little to dramatic…..sorry..

Could this be true? Could this be happening to me? Why me?

Ok, it’s not true, I’m not dying, at least not yet

Did you ever feel like your life was set on a course that you were powerless to change? Does it seem like your work week starts on Monday and ends on Friday, and then you get a twenty-minute break called “The Weekend”?

Do you work hard to pay for things you bought with money you didn’t have, to impress people you don’t like?

The title of this post reads “Eight Hours To Live” Ok Randall quit beating around the bush.
I have never considered myself a person with strong time management skills. Related to that I had an idea that I can’t shake from my head.

We all have been given the gift of time. Some more, some less. We all have 24 hours every day to live our lives. I like to break things down to the simplest form.

We basically have three blocks of time within that 24 hour period. If we can focus just for a second I think we can break the cycle of wage slavery without it being too complicated.

Eight hours to work (if you are a “normal” person). Eight hours to sleep (it’s plenty). Eight hours (To do what ever your little heart desires).

Eight hours to Sleep.
Dedicate yourself to eight good, healthy, relaxing, refreshing, healthy sleep. This is so important. You need it, you deserve it. Read about getting great sleep time on Annabel Candy’s Blog This is one-third of your day and one-third of your life It is essential to get this sleep to accomplish all that you have to do and to be sharp while you are doing it!

Eight Hours To Work

Wherever you find yourself working now has been totally your choice. You one day walked into that place and eagerly begged for the job that you now have. I get sick and tired of people who complain and blame the place they work at for all of their problems. You are there by choice. If you’re not happy, do something about it. In the meantime you have to “gut it out”. Work like you actually want to be there. I know it’s difficult, I’m doing it right now! Well not technically right now, I’m actually at home (can’t blog from my work computer), that would be cheating!

If you hate your job, that is what this post is all about!

Eight Hours To Live

We have a choice with the time that we have at the end of the day

What did you do last night after work? How did you spend your time? Was it spent in front of the television watching mindless “entertainment” (What passes for entertainment these days is shocking) while being marketed to? Did you know that you are not focusing on anything when you watch t.v.? Watch someone watch tv sometime. It’s like someone momentarily distracted at a bird they see out the window, only with tv they are in a total state of distraction for hours.

I would suggest we don’t do that anymore

Eight hours to live is all about your life Begin to log in to your life. Begin taking control of your life by documenting where and when you spend your time. Make a word document or just a small notebook to record your time. Begin to be accountable for your time, it will reveal those areas of weakness and or opportunities that you have concerning your time.

When you know where all of our time went you will start to make different decisions about how you spend it. You may call it “Designing the Perfect Day” What would your perfect day look like? If you only had eight hours to live how would you spend it?

Design your perfect day and begin to mold your time to it. Remember, you are the gatekeeper of you own lives. Life’s stresses come when you don’t take control and try to distract yourself to escape from your problems.

Now is the time for action. Chris Guillebeau Tweeted an interesting quote the other day, it stated that “Every Action is a Revolution” Take action to follow your dreams. They may be large or small but they are yours! Begin to take action today!

There is Power In Taking Action

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Manny the Man Pacquiao

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1000 of My Closest Filipino Friends

1000 of My Closest Filipino Friends

Filipinos love their boxing, and with good reason, Manny Pacquiao. I have watched him on PPV a few times. Whenever he is fighting we have many friends get together here in Missouri and watch the fights. We have a great small community of Filipino friends here and they love to have a good time!

This is a little story about one time I got to see Manny fight under different circumstances!

The fight is today! Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton!

Sunday morning, warm and humid. Sun is shining, breakfast is ready. Fresh whole fish frying in the skillet, rice and eggs cooking in the kitchen. Steaming Pandesal waiting to be enjoyed on the table. It is 7:00 a.m. A wonderful start to an exciting day! The family is gathered in the kitchen, Nanay (Mother) is attending to the meal while neighbor children, friends and family are eating and eagerly awaiting the day’s event. The Manny Pacquiao fight!

It is definitely not just another day. Everyone is poised to go to the town square basketball court where they will be showing the event. Churches will be showing the match. In the Philippines this is no ordinary day! Manny Pacquiao is the country’s hero! The pride of the Philippines! He will go up against Ricky Hatton from Las Vegas today! Almost every town has a basketball court in the Philippines and Pavia is no exception. It is an arena free of charge where the locals come and play everyday to enjoy the most popular sport. Clad in shorts, shirts optional and flip-flops local groups compete for glory on the concrete arena to secure immortality among friends and relatives.

We arrive at about 9:00 a.m. to the arena and take our place on the concrete bleachers. It is Fiesta week in Pavia so there are still the local floats from the town sitting idle from the previous days festivities. The court is completely covered with full metal roof and chain link fencing surrounds the place. I notice a small projection machine in the center to broadcast the fight. A large screen has been procured by the town to watch the fight. As we are watching the pre-fight commentaries I notice that the picture is not very clear due to the sunlight. Soon young men begin to take woven mats and secure them to the fence areas to darken the small stadium. What great ingenuity! By the time they get done the picture is very clear!

The bleachers fill, and plastic chairs are placed on the floor, you know the kind you would by at Wal-Mart that you might set out for company in the back yard. These stackable chairs are a staple in the Philippines. Soon I am the only Caucasian in the place with 1000 of my closest Filipino friends! The expectant mood was palpable, the crowd was excited. Various vendors were making their way through the crowd selling items from small towels to wipe the sweat from your face to peanuts and snack food items. It was definitely a community event!

We all watched the preliminary fights with some interest. The real electricity was being reserved for the main event! When Manny was announced and made his march to the ring, sonic waves of emotion ricocheted through the gathering that could only be described as Filipino National hopes and dreams mixed with a little Pentecostal revival! Filipinos are very proud of their country, but they don’t get the lime light the way other countries do. This fight and Manny himself are one way to get a little respect from the rest of the world.

I won’t giver you the color commentary on the fight (you just had to be there). Suffice to say he won with typical Manny style! At one point he punched so hard that Ricky Hatton slid about 6 feet on the ground after being knocked down.

What I took away from this is the richness of the cultural fiber of the Philippines! It’s difficult to put into words, but here in America we don’t have the sense of community that they do there. I know we are a great nation but there is something missing. We have become the great melting pot of the world it’s true, however in the process we have lost our cultural roots! The memory of that day will live with me forever. Just to witness the smiles on the faces and the fists in the air! The collective shouts of victory filled the air and I was indeed blessed to be a part of it. Oh, Yeah! The fresh Mango shakes were not too bad either!

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