Pinoy Food!! Masarap!

Posted on September 12, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

This is the view when you open your eyes from you nap!

I have been away from the Philippines for one year and a half now. My Filipino batteries are running low.

I long for the day when I can relax on the beaches of Guimaras in an eco-friendly resort.

I go to this place in my mind when I need a break from the day to day.

This is going to be my typical day.

Get up early with the sun to the whirling sound of the fan pointed directly on the bed (no air conditioner) Awaken to the natural sounds of whatever is going on around me. Birds, the sound of the ocean, small children and old people starting thier day. Warm welcoming humid air that will be my constant friend all day long.

Shower with non heated water (I don’t say cold because it is a refreshing start to the tropical day). Reach for the coffee (instant of course), maybe Nescafe Three in One. The smell of uniquely Filipino breakfast awaits. White rice, stir fried with garlic. Fresh Mango from the best place in the world, Guimaras. Eggs, maybe Tocino, Longanisa or even the Filipino hot dogs and of course Pandesal.

I will take the niece and nephew for a dip in the ocean and relax under the swaying palm trees in a bamboo lawn chair. Vendors selling anything from Mangosteen to Pineapple cut fresh and portioned by hand with a mashetti right in front of you.

You just have to experience this to believe it. My main goal that day will be waiting for a massage on the beach (less than 10 dollars) and taking a nap in the shade.


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