East Meets West (my long lost uncle from Iloilo)

This Page is to introduce myself and my Passion

My name is Randall and My Passion is visiting, enjoying, and eventually living in the Intoxicating Country of the Philippines

Each time I visit that wonderful country, I am reminded why I am continually Homesick For The Philippines

I long daily to go back to the country I have come to love.

I would invite you to go along with me to learn and experience the magic that is the Philippines!

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2 Responses to “Randall”

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Hi Randall! I love Philippines too. I lived there for many years and met literally hundreds of pen pals, chatmates and ladies I bumped into. I tried my hand at several businesses. I learned several dialects in the process and experienced what I call “the good, bad and ugly”. After getting past the excitement of someplace new, I immersed myself in the culture and ending up being rather critical of those smiling faces. Why? Honesty… once you follow the behavior you observe that what you are being told is often not the truth. I conclude that lying is a necessity of survival. Once you realize that, you can adjust and “play the game”. However it’s so refreshing to hear from someone so excited and fresh.. reminds me of how I felt in the beginning. It took me a long time to find the one who I was attracted with and has always been honest to me.

I know what you say is true. People are people all over the world. The same motivations and there are good and bad. I think it is the culture that really draws me back. A person does have to keep thier eyes wide open when they are there. I is like anywhere else when it comes to human nature.

Being an American you have to realize that some of the friendliness that comes your way may come with a price!


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