Listening to The Lifestyle Business Podc

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Listening to The Lifestyle Business Podcast #134 “If it Makes You Money, You Shouldn’t Be Doing It? Street level business hacks..Love it http://ow.ly/kC88E

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Pinoy Food!! Masarap!

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This is the view when you open your eyes from you nap!

I have been away from the Philippines for one year and a half now. My Filipino batteries are running low.

I long for the day when I can relax on the beaches of Guimaras in an eco-friendly resort.

I go to this place in my mind when I need a break from the day to day.

This is going to be my typical day.

Get up early with the sun to the whirling sound of the fan pointed directly on the bed (no air conditioner) Awaken to the natural sounds of whatever is going on around me. Birds, the sound of the ocean, small children and old people starting thier day. Warm welcoming humid air that will be my constant friend all day long.

Shower with non heated water (I don’t say cold because it is a refreshing start to the tropical day). Reach for the coffee (instant of course), maybe Nescafe Three in One. The smell of uniquely Filipino breakfast awaits. White rice, stir fried with garlic. Fresh Mango from the best place in the world, Guimaras. Eggs, maybe Tocino, Longanisa or even the Filipino hot dogs and of course Pandesal.

I will take the niece and nephew for a dip in the ocean and relax under the swaying palm trees in a bamboo lawn chair. Vendors selling anything from Mangosteen to Pineapple cut fresh and portioned by hand with a mashetti right in front of you.

You just have to experience this to believe it. My main goal that day will be waiting for a massage on the beach (less than 10 dollars) and taking a nap in the shade.

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Eight Hours to Live

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Eight Hours to Live

Live Life!

The news hit me hard today. Eight hours to live rang hard in my ears and echoed like an eagles cry in a deep rock canyon. OK! Maybe that was a little to dramatic…..sorry..

Could this be true? Could this be happening to me? Why me?

Ok, it’s not true, I’m not dying, at least not yet

Did you ever feel like your life was set on a course that you were powerless to change? Does it seem like your work week starts on Monday and ends on Friday, and then you get a twenty-minute break called “The Weekend”?

Do you work hard to pay for things you bought with money you didn’t have, to impress people you don’t like?

The title of this post reads “Eight Hours To Live” Ok Randall quit beating around the bush.
I have never considered myself a person with strong time management skills. Related to that I had an idea that I can’t shake from my head.

We all have been given the gift of time. Some more, some less. We all have 24 hours every day to live our lives. I like to break things down to the simplest form.

We basically have three blocks of time within that 24 hour period. If we can focus just for a second I think we can break the cycle of wage slavery without it being too complicated.

Eight hours to work (if you are a “normal” person). Eight hours to sleep (it’s plenty). Eight hours (To do what ever your little heart desires).

Eight hours to Sleep.
Dedicate yourself to eight good, healthy, relaxing, refreshing, healthy sleep. This is so important. You need it, you deserve it. Read about getting great sleep time on Annabel Candy’s Blog This is one-third of your day and one-third of your life It is essential to get this sleep to accomplish all that you have to do and to be sharp while you are doing it!

Eight Hours To Work

Wherever you find yourself working now has been totally your choice. You one day walked into that place and eagerly begged for the job that you now have. I get sick and tired of people who complain and blame the place they work at for all of their problems. You are there by choice. If you’re not happy, do something about it. In the meantime you have to “gut it out”. Work like you actually want to be there. I know it’s difficult, I’m doing it right now! Well not technically right now, I’m actually at home (can’t blog from my work computer), that would be cheating!

If you hate your job, that is what this post is all about!

Eight Hours To Live

We have a choice with the time that we have at the end of the day

What did you do last night after work? How did you spend your time? Was it spent in front of the television watching mindless “entertainment” (What passes for entertainment these days is shocking) while being marketed to? Did you know that you are not focusing on anything when you watch t.v.? Watch someone watch tv sometime. It’s like someone momentarily distracted at a bird they see out the window, only with tv they are in a total state of distraction for hours.

I would suggest we don’t do that anymore

Eight hours to live is all about your life Begin to log in to your life. Begin taking control of your life by documenting where and when you spend your time. Make a word document or just a small notebook to record your time. Begin to be accountable for your time, it will reveal those areas of weakness and or opportunities that you have concerning your time.

When you know where all of our time went you will start to make different decisions about how you spend it. You may call it “Designing the Perfect Day” What would your perfect day look like? If you only had eight hours to live how would you spend it?

Design your perfect day and begin to mold your time to it. Remember, you are the gatekeeper of you own lives. Life’s stresses come when you don’t take control and try to distract yourself to escape from your problems.

Now is the time for action. Chris Guillebeau Tweeted an interesting quote the other day, it stated that “Every Action is a Revolution” Take action to follow your dreams. They may be large or small but they are yours! Begin to take action today!

There is Power In Taking Action

Please! Please! Comment at the end of the post! I am excited to hear what you think!

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Dreaming Philippines

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It seems that it is all I do lately. Have you ever been to an exotic place? Does the memory of it haunt you from time to time?

I don’t know what it is about the Philippines that keeps calling me back like some reoccurring dream that you have had all your life.

Maybe it’s the people. Maybe it’s the pace of life. Maybe it’s the fact that I have worked all my freaking life and I just want to go somewhere WARM!

I never will forget my first landing in “the land of a thousand smiles!” I was on my first trip to see my relatives (whom I had never met). Not knowing what to expect and being too tired to care, I found myself exhausted, dead on my feet and curious about what would happen next.

We descended into Manila, one of the largest cities in Asia, soon to partake of a land which would become my obsession! My first greeting was not all that pleasant. We made our way off the plane and to the gate, into surroundings that I will never forget! It seemed like the 60’s had come and went but no one had told Manila that “we have air conditioning now”. The carpets were well-worn and the color (what was left) was a lifeless green that had borne the feet of many travelers for many years. This was my first experience in a “Third World County”.

There were people everywhere. People who had traveled a long way to get there. Literally throngs of humanity frantically searching for their luggage and loved ones they had been longing to see. We arrived in the terminal. Humidity permeated the air. The sound of the duty-free agents calling us to buy everything from cigarettes to liquor for the family that we would eventually meet. Then there were the Customs lines. It was like a game of sorts trying as best we could to find the shortest or the fastest moving line! Long que’s of desperate folk were lining up to go through the clinical “Nurse Cratchets” who donned Government uniforms doing business for the customs dept. of the Philippines. Mostly all female, they without emotion or efficiency they did their jobs as they stood all day in “Phone Booth like” confines working through a 3×5 opening in the glass.

We got past customs and collected our baggage. A Policeman was waiting at the door for us to “help”. He informed us that he had been in contact with my mother in law and that he would be kind enough to take us to see her. You see, this is a very large place, and it would be easy to get lost or worske get accosted. My wife knew what he meant by “helping” , he wanted a tip! Tipping is a very common practice in the Philippines.

There is a kind of tradition in the Philippines. It is like this. If you are a Filipino and you are “coming back” you will be greeted by friends and family. That does not seem strange at first glance but you have to see this “Filipino” thing in action just one time! My wife had not been to the PH in 10 years. Whenever someone “comes back” as they say in the PH, there is always a party to meet them. When I say a party I mean uncles, aunts, brothers, anyone who can come will show up! I don’t really know how to explain it, but Filipinos know how to have a good time, everything is a celebration with them! It was a big deal when we got there and they made us feel that way!

When we arrived at the van I met a her uncle Augusto. He is a particularly serious looking fellow with dark sunglasses. He was shorter than me but his stature did not tell the story of his presence. He was about 5’6″ with salty black hair hid mostly by a white ball cap. He kind of looked like you might see a celebrity in a private moment trying not to be discovered while on personal business or out shopping. One would know right away who was in charge of this expedition by his take charge attitude. I later learned that he is a black belt in Karate!

We boarded and off we were! The traffic in Manila was something to behold! There were at least six “lanes” none of which were marked. It was a literal sea of vehicles moving in chaotic harmony through the city! The poverty you see is striking! The shacks people live in unbelievable. This culture shock is something everyone in the West needs to see!

This was my introduction to the Philippines. It may not sound like anywhere you want to go. I understand that. The Philippines is complex and beautiful place. The people are the friendliest in Asia. There are problems with all countries. Yes, there is poverty there, but there is a dignity and grace to the people of the Philippines that you will never discover until you visit! This is just one story of many I have to tell about this wonderful place. When you get there, and I hope you will, this place will weave its way into your heart and make you feel like you never want to leave!

Let’s go!

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A fortunate turn of events!

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I was abruptly awaken by the shrillness of a hotel phone. It was the kind of sleep you get from absolute necessity. I had been up for 36 hours previous on an all night flight to Singapore. The voice on the other end quickly made me realize why I was here.
We have to back up to the beginning. Did you know that your life can change in a moment and set you on a course that you never thought possible? In that moment of change you don’t even perceive the tidal wave that will come in your life! My brother and I were hanging out and talking one day in 2001, a day like any other. For some reason he mentioned about a conversation he had had earlier about someone who had married a woman from another country. I had been recently divorced in 1999 and was wondering about the direction of my life and how it would unfold. For some unexplained reason that idea was suddenly very appealing to me but I didn’t know how to go about it. I know for some people this is a crazy thought. I have never been the type of person to always go along with what everyone else says. I had always had a seed deep in my heart to travel and experience the world. So when he mentioned this I was immediately attracted to the idea!
This was early in the computer age. 2000 was the year I had bought my first computer for $600.00! I had plenty of time on my hands after work and had found that I could chat with people from all walks of life and interests. The next night I came home I eagerly sat down at my computer and started looking at all the chat rooms available. Different cultures, topics and groups. They have political chats, foreign language chat etc. I stumbled into one “room” that is what they call them to find people chatting in a language I had never heard of. It was called Tagalog. I could see words and phrases that I had never seen before. They were chatting in a language I did not understand however there were English words interspersed amongst the Tagalog words. I learned quickly that this is the official language of the Philippines.
I posted a couple of times in English not knowing if anyone would even pay attention to me. Soon there was this person sending me an instant message and she was bi-lingual. How exciting I thought! She asked if I spoke Tagalog and of course I had to reply that I didn’t. She was from Ohio but had moved to the U.S. from Singapore after growing up in the Philippines. I chatted with her for a few nights and looked forward everyday to talking to someone from another country. I have always been fascinated with people from other countries and cultures so this was outstanding for me! I found out that she had gotten married about 2 years before to an American. She asked if I was single and offered to send me an e-mail address of a friend of hers that lived in Singapore.

To be continued….
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