Enough with the Lifestyle Design Posts!

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     It seems like everyone is writing about Lifestyle Design these last few days.  Is it dead?  Has it’s time in the sun vanished like a vapour in the warm summer air?  I think probably it is the post that is getting the most hits and everyone wants to be on the cutting edge to set the new adgenda in this ever changing media.   I like Zen Habits.  WoW, that was a minimalist sentence!  What I like about it is that Leo has chosen.  He does what he does.  He is not chasing some elusive Holy Grail of Blogging.   He is the Holy Grail. 

Why is that?  Did he search and find the latest trend and zero in on it?  Did he consult the powers that be and try to emulate them?  No!  He reached into the core of his being, to the truth that is on the inside of all of us and had the courage to implement it in his life. 

He did not chase after lifestyle design.   He manifested his truth into his own life.  

Enough about him, what about you?

There is a truth inside you.   It is that nagging feeling.  You know the one.  Don’t lie.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s that little spark of intuition that tells you what you need to be doing, what you need to be saying it’s that little reminder in your gut that never really lets you off the hook when your not following the path you know you should be on.

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